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The Nurse Aide Training Program at Advance Medical in Grand Rapids, Mi. is by far the most popular course we offer. The local job market for this area of health care and nursing is currently second to none. All graduates of this program are finding many opportunities in the health care field at this time, we have many employers asking for students to apply. This is also a great way to accumulate your experience and patient contact hours for a RN or PA degree program that you may already be enrolled in, and earn an income while doing so. We have graduated many Health Career students with this purpose in mind.

Many potential students have asked us the question :

" What makes our program different than the other programs in the area ? "

We feel there are many reasons, but my number one answer to them is class size. We try to only enroll up to twelve students per class. We feel this provides a much greater retention rate with our students, and produces a well trained caregiver. We are in this business to produce well trained caregivers for area employers, not just to graduate students.

We also publish our own textbook here at Advance Medical Training. Designed around the michigan model, and years of experience in the field, in Michigan. We do not use a nationally published text. All materials for your program are provided by the school, no extra trips anywhere to collect your supplies for classes. All you need is a highlighter and a pen !!

Our program is one of the most extensive in the area, at 100 hours, we have more time to offer you in clinicals and labs to improve your learning experience and skills, at a lower rate than most offer for less. 

   After 1990, all Nurse Aides are required to complete a state approved program to be eligible for certification and employment in a nursing facility. Upon completion and passing of our 100 hour course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed for providing care to residents of a long term care facility, and will be fully prepared to take the State of Michigan Nurse Aide Competency Exam.  This Nurse Aide Program consists of hours in lecture, laboratory setting, and hands on clinical training in an area nursing facility.  Some of our objectives with this program are to teach Nurse Aide students how to provide basic nursing care to residents, general safety and emergency procedures, proper body mechanics, universal precautions, confidentiality, ways to communicate, how to form relationships and assist residents to promote independence.

We offer day and evening classes to accomodate your schedule:

Our day class hours are 8:00am thru 3:00pm  M,T,W,T,F

Our evening class hours are from 4:30pm thru 9:30pm M,T,W,T,F&1 S

Please call for current class availability and scheduling requirements.

Our Nurse Aide Program fees are extremely competitive, therefore we do not list them online, but i assure you they are worth asking about. We do not accept Federal aid or pell grants, but we do however offer a payment plan for your convienence. We will be happy to answer any pricing or payment option questions you may have with a phone call to our office.

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Basic Life Support CPR training is offered at our facility, We offer new as well as renewal CPR training classes for health care providers, using new guidlines established for 2011. This program is American Heart Association training with a two year certificate. This training takes place every other Friday from 9:00am - 1:00pm or by appointment for groups or employers. Our costs for this training are listed below.  

BLS CPR for healthcare providers  without manual - $42.00

BLS CPR for healthcare providers with manual - $55.00

BLS CPR for healthcare providers with first aid - $65.00

BLS CPR for healthcare providers with first aid with BLS manual - $80.00

                      Home Health Aide :

Our Home Health Aide program is one of the most extensive in the industry at 90 hours.  It will prepare you for a career in caring for individuals who prefer to have quality care in their own environment. You will be trained in this growing field and upon successful completion and passing you will eligible to sit for the National League of Nursing’s Home Health Care Exam.  This Home Health Aide Program consists of hours in lecture, laboratory setting, and clinical training with an area home health agency.  A few of our objectives  with this program is to teach home health aides how to provide quality services to client’s by performing basic care skills, forming relationships, communicating, and interacting competently one on one with patient’s. You will also learn to demonstrate sensitivity toward the client’s emotional, social, and mental health, and exhibit behavior in support and promotion of patient’s rights.  


  Comprehensive Medical Assistant :

    Medical Assistant opportunities are rapidly growing with the changing health care industry. Once you have completed and passed our course you can seek employment in a hospital, a physician’s office, Laboratories, and many other specialty settings. This 450 hour Comprehensive Medical Assistant Program consists of hours in lecture, laboratory setting, and hands on externship training with an area facility or office.  Some of the program objectives of this training course are to teach Medical Assistants to be competent in medical terminology, coding, billing, insurances, and filing, as well as assisting doctors with office procedures such as vital signs, phlebotomy, wound care, injections, and more.  This extensive 18 week program will prepare you for many employment options in the health care field, please fill out our online information form and get your future started today!

To Request more information reqarding classes, schedules, pricing, etc.

Please fill out the on-line information request form in our contact us page.

You can also reach us at (616)551-3073,  or by email at advancemedicaltraining@live.com

We look forward to hearing from you and getting your health career started !!